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Guestbook for Danielle & Tomasz
Sonia O. Hakim & Vanessa Girard(non-registered)
Dear Danielle and Tomaz:

Congratulations on your wedding. We wish you an eternity of health, happiness, prosperity and time to spend them all. Your pictures were wonderful and you look very happy. We loved the humor in your pictures which we are sure transcends into your personal life. Humor, patience, love, kindness, trust and selflessness goes a long way.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. It would have been better to make a personal appearance, but it did not materialize.

It was nice "meeting" Tomaz' family, albeit via pictures, and seeing my family members as well. Everyone looked wonderful! I love you guys very much and miss you also. May God always watch over all of you.

With all our love,

Sonia & Vanessa
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