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Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. --Confucius

I love the excitement of photographing a wedding!

Your wedding, like life, will be filled with beautiful ephemeral moments. Beautiful photographs revive these fleeting moments years later and sustain them so they can be better remembered, shared and cherished. Elegant photographs can readily evoke those moments so you can again hear the rustling of a gown, the tinkling of glasses, the taste of the richest cake, the voices of loved ones now gone.

Every wedding has its story, a compelling tale of people coming together to celebrate the unique love of the bride and groom. A story made richer yet, by friends and family enveloping bride and groom with yet more love and happiness.
I will tell the unique story of your wedding with distinctive & beautiful images woven into a unique, personal tapestry. A story you will be delighted to share with friends and family for years to come. A story that you will build upon and continue to tell long after I have taken my last photograph.